“Touch and Go” A Special City Voices Tribute to Studs Terkel

December 18th, 2007

“I have been celebrated for celebrating the lives of the uncelebrated among us,” writes Studs Terkel in the beginning of his new memoir Touch and Go, “for lending voice to the face in the crowd.”
No one can say it like Studs.

Recorded Monday, December 17, 2007
WNUA Broadcast date: Sunday, December 23, 2007.

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From the ordinary to the extraordinary, he has chronicled the American people and American times many have forgotten. From civil rights activists to musicians to Klansmen to housewives, no one was too famous or obscure. A readable chronicle of Chicago and the nation, through wars, culture and political upheaval, Studs turned his famous radio microphone on himself and in his mid-90s, despite many health challenges, banged out a marvelous saga on his Smith Corona typewriter, his kind of hardware.It’s a book whose index mentions Tom Paine, Florence Scala and Pete Seeger five times each, while Richard Nixon and Brittany Spears only get one mention…my kind of book.And my communications hero, so for this special edition of City Voices, a tribute to a unique Chicagoan Studs Terkel, with selections from his memoir Touch and Go, and snippets interviews from the CD collection Voices of Our Time.

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  1. NP Communicator » Blog Archive » Afternoon with Studs Says:

    […] is gaining attention and as previously noted in this digital space, the book’s a great read on his life and the history of Chicago. (A rare public book signing will take place Saturday January 19, 2008 […]

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