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Things to follow: cupcakes, new Facebook tools, blogs and… Gotye videos(?)


Everyone loves cupcakes… Here at the Workshop, we love cupcakes AND social media. So it shouldn’t surprise you that we follow both Flirty Cupcakes and the Food Truck Freak to find out where we can hunt down not only our favorite fluffy and sweet mid-day treats, but some other really great mobile food too! Yesterday, July 12 was declared Food Truck Day by the University of Chicago’s IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship. The first 19 people in line at each food truck stop received free treats! How cool is that? The declaration was initiated to help build awareness around the upcoming July 19th city hearing on Food Trucks. A new ordinance would propose limiting available spaces food trucks could park and vend in the city.

When I asked our Operation Manager, Maggie Walker about how she started following Flirty Cupcakes she said, “I saw a link posted by someone I follow on Twitter and that’s how I found out about them. I don’t use Twitter that much so I began following them on Facebook instead.”

So now, the rest of the staff is well-informed about when the cupcake truck will be in front of our office. But what I find interesting is how most of us are using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social tools to share information and keep each other informed. For nonprofit communicators, how do we wield this power to communicate our messages and keep our audiences informed about our causes? We can learn a lot from each other. Perhaps that is why the whole #ff (Follow Friday) on Twitter has become so popular and is now an embedded cultural practice on the social web.

Here’s what we are following lately…


With the introduction of Facebook’s Timeline, it seems the company keeps rolling out other new changes and refinements to how you view and post content on pages. One way we keep updated is by following the Mashable blog. They  just posted a great summary of new tools and functions found on Facebook Pages, including viewer management options, “pin to top” options for posts and much more. Check it out all the tips here

I used to hate having to scroll down and clicking through Facebook’s event pages. It seems the company has been reading my mind and finally implemented anew calendar view option. Rather then view events as a listing, you can now select the “calendar” view option on the events main page. You can see all the upcoming events and your friends upcoming birthdays too! Check out this post from the WebPros who do a pretty good job helping you understand the new calendar view.


Filipina blogger and social media maven  carries the motto, “If you can’t find it, create it.” on Social Media and Social Good at She definitely lives by her electronic word(s). On her blog you’ll find some really great social marketing tips and tactics as well as some very insightful infographics she’s created to help you better understand how to communicate effectively to your target audiences. I especially like her infographic on “how to write the perfect blog post.

New York based Fenton Communications just unleashed a new blog called Fenton Lab. If there first post is a sign of things to come, we’ll definitely be keeping a close watch on what they have to say. In their debut post, blogger Rossalyn Warren provides some really great tips to help keep your audiences engaged in story by developing your own audio slideshow.

Other sources

While I was in Morocco, I used the site and blog at SocialBakers to dig up information and data on social statistics in the country. Their site at provides very helpful social media statistics that can be segmented by country. They also offer some really great analytics tools and strategy blog to help you refine your online communications.

The web is becoming more visual. Perhaps this is why Pinterest has become so popular–allowing users to pin images from the web into an organized public board for others to see. One early adopter has been our favorite champion for nonprofit technology and communications, Beth Kanter. Not only should you be following her blog, but check out her Pinterest boards. Beth does a really great job curating infographics that are useful and insightful for nonprofit communicators and other.

Goyte… “You didn’t have to cut me off!!!!”

It has happened to most of us…. We first heard Gotye’s song on Pandora or by following Kimbra online… we thought it was the best song! We were the coolest kids on the block because we thought we heard it first…. Well, it’s everywhere now… there’s even a remix that’s being played on B96 about every 15 minutes…. So we couldn’t help but end our post today with this little video that seems to be making the rounds and touching the nerves of us “former” Goyte fans…. enjoy…


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  1. Alex says:

    Great article! Glad to hear my website’s helpful for you. The IJ has been so awesome and helpful in supporting food trucks. Qué vivan los food trucks!

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