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Who likes my Facebook page?


I recently held a seminar on Social Media Strategies and Planning for grantees of the Chicago Community Trust at the Garfield Park Conservatory. We covered everything from social culture on the web, to understanding social technographics (how users are categorized based on the their use of social media tools and how they relate to one another), to understanding the importance of developing a social media policy and plan.

We stressed that your strategy should be social in nature–it’s all about developing meaningful relationships with people by engaging directly through conversations.

After every workshop and seminar, we often get a lot of our participants asking us questions related to what they learned in our sessions. I just got a pretty good question from Marjorie Goran, the Development Manager at Onward Neighborhood House.

She asked,“Can you tell me how to access the names of people who “Like” our Facebook Page? My coworkers and I want to find out who these people are so we can start to engage them in conversations.” Read the rest of this entry »

My coworker is clueless about social media!

Not so many years ago, I was the one who was clueless about social media. But thankfully, I had coworkers who knew more than me and took the time to explain the importance of emerging online resources. I was skeptical at first, but I listened, observed and attended a few trainings of my own to figure out how these tools would make me a better communicator. And I’m glad they took the time to keep pushing me to try things like Twitter and FourSquare and blogging because knowing how they work is half the battle.

Do you have a coworker or a boss who’s clueless about social media? If so, do them a favor and tell them about Social Media Basics. It’s a half-day training that will help them learn more about WHY nonprofits should use these online tools.

Social Media Basics, Monday, November 1 from 9AM to Noon

218 S. Wabash – 7th Floor


This session will cover basic information about social media tools such as blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. Attendees will gain useful tips such as how to contact a reporter on Twitter, how to attract more Facebook fans, and how to track what others are saying about your organization online.  Workshop led by trainer Emily Culbertson (also known as the NEW News 2010 researcher and general online/social media guru)

Find your social media “ah-ha” moment

Photo courtest of webtreats, Creative Commons

You’ve Twittered, Facebooked and blogged about your organization’s story but aren’t receiving the response you desire.

Tim Frick, author of “Return on Engagement” and social media trainer at the Workshop’s upcoming fall session, says many nonprofits have two misconceptions about social media and why they don’t produce the desired audience engagement.

“There’s the misconception that it’s free,” says Frick. “It doesn’t cost any money to get a Twitter account, Facebook account, or a LinkedIn account, but it does take time to create and build the content for those things and present that content in a way that is actually going to engage people.”

Frick says most people tend to dive right into social media tools without thinking how they will use them and how they will engage their audience. According to Frick, many nonprofit communicators take their “old one-way marketing approach,” apply it to their social media strategy and are confused when there’s no response from their audience.

“A lot of times that’s because they’re not trying to engage their users. They’re sending out one-way marketing messages that are all about them and not about what the users might actually want to read,” says Frick.

In September, Frick will cover these common misconceptions and more at the Community Media Workshop training Using Social Media To Build Awareness. This three-hour training is designed to show nonprofits how to optimize social media best practices. Participants explore how to create content strategies, which aligns their digital communications with their website; how to create social media profiles and how to engage their audiences.  Using tactics outlined in his book, Frick shows communicators how to shift their offline communications to an online presence and how to adjust their strategy to work with the organization’s available resources.

Frick says many communicators during his training have their ah-ha moment when they see multiple ways to share their message across digital platforms and track that message’s impact.

No matter what size your organization is, increase your impact with this training and start having the conversations that engage your audience. To register for “Using Social Media to Build Awareness” call 312-369-6400 or click here.

To read more about Tim Frick’s work with nonprofits and digital strategies, click here. Tim Frick is the CEO of Mightybytes, is a full-service creative firm that executes design-drive communication solutions for their clientele. Frick is also the author of Design Techniques for Digital Marketing. Follow him on Twitter at @Mightybytes, on Facebook at Mightybytes and learn more on his website at

There’s Something About McHenry…

There’s something about McHenry County which keeps drawing me back to conduct training. Maybe its the sprawling landscape or the mom and pop shops that still keep their doors open, but most definitely its the people.

At my last training at the Shaw Center for Corporate Training, I was once again delighted to work with about 30 nonprofit staff working from Seniors Centers to Emergency Preparedness to issues of homelessness and affordable housing. Read the rest of this entry »

Aww, we’re (nonprofits) so great

Do you get email from Minnesota’s Fieldstone Alliance?

The tips from the agency, a publisher and training provider and home of Kellogg Action Lab, are on point (full disclosure, we are a “college of consultants” member of the Lab, not that anyone has ever contacted us about training through it or anything).

Fieldstone staff put some work into their enewsletter, “News You Can Use,” and it shows. Good links, good advice, not like “go do this” but “here’s something to think about” and you think, “yes, I should think about that.” I know, we all have a lot of those, but more ideas is better, no? 

Today, editor Rebecca Post riffs on Facebook to write “25 Random Things that Make the Nonprofit Sector Great.” Print and put in wallet for next time Uncle Ted or whoever asks what the hell you do and why you think it’s so special or whatever, or you’re asked with whatever level of politeness why you don’t get a real job. Check the links if you don’t know the groups she cites. And pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. Oh, and if you want to get more tips on nonprofit management, you can sign up for the email list here.

Sharing Pres. Obama with Flint, Mich.

Flint is famous for its Coney Island spots; a new owner gave one a new name.

Flint is famous for its Coney Island spots; a new owner gave one a new name.

Well, move over Hyde Park and make room for Flint!

My daughter goes to pre-school across the street from the Obama family home, so like a lot of neighbors the fam and I feel an extra share of pride in our new president. But it looks like we’re going to have to move over to leave some room for Flint, Mich. — not coincidentally, site of the Workshop’s next one-day Michigan Communications Project mini-conference next Friday, Dec. 5.

According to Good Morning Flint blogger, local attorney, and former Flint ombudsman Terry Bankert, it’s the first sign of the “Obama Stimulus Plan.” Read the rest of this entry »


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