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Q&A with Workshop Trainer Marissa Wasseluk


Workshop trainer Marissa Wasseluk teaches a course on optimizing e-newsletters on April 25, 2013. We caught up with our busy new media associate for a little preview of this brand-new, much-needed training.


Q: Why should an organization consider using e-newsletters instead of paper?
A: Communications on the whole are becoming increasingly digital. Not only does this advancement save trees, but e-communications are faster and easier to use. You also save money on printing costs. In addition to this, you can measure your audience’s engagement given the actions they take as a result of your messaging. WHY E-NEWSLETTERS, you ask me? WHY NOT, I say!

Q: You talk about turning your e-newsletter “from awful to awesome”. What makes an e-newsletter awful? What makes it awesome?
A: My inbox is full of emails (as I’m sure is the case with many readers). I will admit that the first thing I do when I open my e-mail program at the beginning of a work day is weed out the messages that aren’t pertinent. Newsletters that are difficult to read are automatically deleted. There are a number of newsletters that fail to grab my attention because the layout is too busy or the information I care about is buried. Design and content are the keys to an awesome newsletter. An effective e-newsletter will grab my attention every time I see it in my inbox, and there are actually quite a few that I subscribe to that do that!  

Q: What will folks take away from your training?
A: They should have an understanding of “open rates” and “click-thru rates”, the elements of good design for an e-newsletter, how to grab their readers’ attentions, and a renewed excitement for e-communications!


In addition to being a member of the amazing staff at Community Media Workshop, Marissa Wasseluk is an active blogger, digital communicator, workshop presenter, food eater and music listener. You can hear her voice (figuratively) on the Workshop’s Facebook fanpage, Twitter profile, and e-newsletter. Connect with her online, at her e-newsletter training this spring, or at Making Media Connections this summer!

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