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Community Media Workshop Releases 2013 Media Guide

Chicago nonprofit Community Media Workshop stays true to its tradition of connecting the community with the media with the release of the twenty-second edition of its Chicago media guide.


With information on over 900 media outlets, including online news sites, the 2013 edition of “Getting On Air, Online & Into Print” Chicago media guide is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to Midwestern media.

“Our shifting media landscape–with avid news consumers now getting most of their news online–is also expanding as legacy print & broadcast outlets put more and more on the web, alongside bloggers and hyperlocal news sites who are beginning to fill in gaps in neighborhood reporting,” said Thom Clark, President, Community Media Workshop. “While the role of traditional media is shifting, the channels of story transmission for nonprofit communicators have proliferated.  Our guide will help you navigate the new, along side the traditional.”

The 2013 Getting on Air, Online & Into Print guide goes beyond listing direct phone numbers, emails, Twitter handles and beat information for reporters. Veteran users of this media guide often find the first 52 pages of advice, communications planning worksheets and the latest in media relations tools as important as the reportorial listings.

CLICK HERE to order the 2013 Getting on Air, Online & Into Print media guide or call the Workshop at 312-369-6400.


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