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Communicating, advocating and social media marketing for the public health sector

Public health communicators are understanding more and more that their social media marketing and advocacy work starts with developing a clear analysis of the people they hope to engage and develop relationships with, creating an effective social media policy to guide their work and a plan to reach success. Their job is unique as they need to consider their communications approach as an advocate for health issues and position their brand, products and services in a social market. When do you play the role of a health advocate and a social marketeer? Where do they overlap? Is there a difference?

These were some of the questions that framed our training session at the UIC School of Public Health. In this training, we began by framing the conversation at a basic level by defining communication goals and defining social marketing and advocacy in the Public Health industry. This helped us understand how to apply our communications by developing our messages and narratives to support causes we advocate and by positioning ourselves in social conversations on the web to market services, products and brand.

We covered an analysis of online users–how our target audiences are currently using the web. This analysis provided us with data and information about how to formulate our objectives and strategies. User technographics also provided us insight on how these categories of users are influencing, organizing and consuming information–particularly our stories.

We concluded our session by reviewing the steps for developing a social media policy and plan to engage these audiences.

If you are interested in learning more about this training or would like to have us work with you to achieve your communications goals, sign up for one of our upcoming trainings or contact us to create a custom workshop at your organization!

Here are some of the sites and tools that came up in our discussion:

News and content aggregation

Exploring and building the knowledge base

Organizing the web

Social media dashboards and measurement tools

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