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Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on Facebook

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Chicago Tribune editorial board - pic [2]

Chicago Tribune editorial board - pic

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So social media communicator par excellence Nicole Gotthelf of Center for Neighborhood Technology [4] tells me the Chicago Tribune editorial board has its own facebook page [5]!

Now of course you already know the editorial board is the group of journalists who decide the paper’s official positions on matters of public policy (you remember what Mark Twain said: “Only presidents, editors and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial ‘we).

At the Tribune, you may also already know, the editorial board made history this past year when they endorsed Barack Obama for president, the first time the paper’s endorsed a Democrat since they were founded in 1847, I believe.

We can now read their wall posts to get a sense of who they are meeting, what weighty issues they are wrestling, and what they had for lunch… just kidding, more like, you can interact directly with the editors in various facebookian ways.

You may ask if it is not a bigger story if someone is “not” on facebook these days. Maybe so, but this seems like a great place to engage the Board on issues one might like them to pay more attention to or to give some feedback on the topics they take on. It’s potentially a great blow for openness and transparency in what has traditionally been a newspaper’s most elite(-ist) branch.