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Blogging belongs in your nonprofit communications plan!


Image by Marissa Wasseluk; Icon: "Worker” symbol by Kris Khoury, from collection.

Guest post by Marissa Wasseluk

Blogs share your stories. Across the web, individuals and organizations are doing what paper newsletters did in the past – connecting with an audience of eager readers. Letting advocates know the success of your programs, calling them to action, asking for donations, and garnering new supporters, can all be done more immediately – and perhaps more effectively – with a blog.

The concept behind using blogging as one of your main communications tools is simple: the more content you post, the more real estate you own on the Internet, and the easier it is for your advocates and potential audience to find you.

And how do your readers find you? Post relevant content, often. In the realm of the Internet, content is king.

Effective blog content stems from the following:

• Knowing your audience – Who will read your posts? Be intentional with your writing; write in a way that will incite curiosity in your audience and invite action.

• Sharing your unique perspective – establish your voice; it helps create a connection with your reader.

• Breaking news – Ask, what’s happening now? What content are readers looking for right now?

• Using multimedia – We are visual creatures. Intentionally use pictures and video to draw in your reader.

Regular content posting creates connections, both online and offline. So, if you haven’t yet, make blogging a part of your communications plan, now!

If you’d like to learn more on the whats, whys, and hows of making blogging a part of a productive communications plan, join us for our blogging workshop at Making Media Connections, where I’ll be happy to field all your blogging questions!

Join us this year at our annual Making Media Connections Conference! You can also join the conversation on Twitter by following @npcommunicator and the #mmc2012 hashtag. Click here to register for the conference!

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