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Tracy Schmidt, ChicagoNow

The Changing Landscape of Journalism

Tracy Schmidt, editor director of ChicagoNow, discusses journalism in the digital age.

The Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow blog network launched in 2009 as a platform for Chicagoans to sound off about subjects they’re experts on. With nearly 400 contributors and 20 million page views in May, this digital platform is one of several innovations the Tribune is using to reach new demographics.

Journalists often voice concerns about blogs being seen as sources for news, however, ChicagoNow sees itself as a platform for different perspectives on the news.  Tracy Schmidt, the editorial director of ChicagoNow, believes their blogs are supplementing rather than replacing traditional ways of receiving journalism.

So, does 20 million page views predict a death of traditional journalism as we know it?

ChicagoNow believes this “is the future of the media,” according to Schmidt when she spoke during a breakout session at Making Media Connections 2010 conference. This idea hasn’t sat well with some Tribune reporters, she says. Determining which sources of news are credible boils down to trust, says Schmidt. ChicagoNow’s analytics show that some of their bloggers have been credited on wider-circulated publications, like Huffington Post, which indicates that the network is becoming more and more of a trusted source of information.

Tracy Schmidt of ChicagoNow talks about how blogs are changing how people gather their news content.

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