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Enrique Salgado, Jr.

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Enrique Salgado, Jr. was born and raised in Humboldt Park, is currently the Humboldt Park Smart Communities Tech Organizer for the City of Chicago’s Smart Communities Intitiative. He is also Principal partner in Areyto Consulting. He previously served as Executive Director of the Division Street Business Development Association (DSBDA) from October 2000 to February 2009. He volunteered with the Association for three years prior to becoming Executive Director. As a consultant he has worked with several local small businesses and nonprofits in the area of project management. He has an extensive background in community economic development, business development, housing development, and community organizing, and  recently added New Medias/Digital Organizing.

Deeply committed to his roots Enrique has worked diligently to ensure that whatever capacity he is in he has benefited his community. For nearly two decades he has provided technical assistance to the Puerto Rican/Latino businesses in West Town/ Humboldt Park, and recently to the Mexican community in Back of the Yards, and the primarily African American community in West Humboldt Park, and Austin communities.

He is a former Board Member of the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center and Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation; former chair of the Economic Development Action Team for the Humboldt Park Redevelopment Area, in which he served for six years, and the economic task force for the LISC/Bickerdike New Communities Program Quality of Life Plan for Humboldt Park. He is a current Advisory Board member of Wright College’s Humboldt Park Vocational and Educational Center and a current Board Member of ArchiTreasures.

As a consultant on a local level, he has worked with Chicago Commons to organize a grassroots campaign that increased the mailback reponse rate in Humboldt Park and New City by 5%. During his tenure as Executive Director the DSBDA grew in staff, budget, vision and programs. He also facilitated their move into a new office location -the Paseo Boricua Business Center. While at the DSBDA, it’s work increase the commercial activity by 140% by facilitating over sixteen million dollars in investments both public and private within six years, working with local Alderman, Cook County Commissioners, State Representatives, private corporations and other community leaders to ensure such success. (How To Connect With Community News Portals Panelist)

Posted by admin   @   20 April 2011

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