The ADA at 25: What’s the news?

Thank you all who came out to our event. For resources and a source list on writing about this topic, visit our page here.

Who should come? If you are in TV, radio, newspapers, online news outlets—if you are a student or community activist who covers issues—this is one-stop shopping to better understand the Americans with Disabilities Act on its 25th anniversary.

What? This is part of an ongoing series of speed-dating events for reporters covering issues. We put together key sources, contacts, data and people to provide a way to report an issue story quickly and accurately.

Who? Featured panelists include:

  • Horacio Esparza, Progress Center for Independent Living and Radio Vida Independiente
  • Comm. Karen Tamley, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities
  • Heather O’Donnell, Thresholds
  • Robin Jones, UIC, Great Lakes ADA Center

Why? This civil rights legislation protects the rights of people with disabilities—physical or mental—on the street, in public places and in the workplace. But those who are part of the ADA 25 Chicago committee even say: “Despite progress over 25 years, people with disabilities still have higher poverty rates, lower employment and educational outcomes than those without disabilities. The promise of full participation and economic self-sufficiency is unfulfilled.”

When? 10 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, June 16

Where? Columbia College Chicago, 33 E. Congress Parkway, Room 101

Contact: Stephen Franklin,, and Susy Schultz,, 312-369-6400.

This event is brought to you by Community Media Workshop at Columbia College Chicago, an apolitical nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering deeper coverage of community issues.

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