Where’s My 2015 Media Guide?

It’s time to buy this year’s updated new and amazing Chicago media guide.

The guide has it all and it has been called the most extensive media guide of any city, anywhere in the U.S. Why?


  • It not only gives you the contact information for the big media outlets in the Windy City, but also,
  • It provides a wealth of the more than 170 neighborhood and ethnic media outlets that are a pipeline to so many of Chicago’s rich cultural and ethnic enclaves.
  • It has all the national media bureaus for the Midwest and a roundup of the largest regional media outlets in Illinois.
  • It’s more than just a phone number or an email, it contains complete social media contacts as well.

So, when can you get it? Right now. And there’s no waiting for us to mail you the bulky, ring-bound book. The guide is available in a searchable online version immediately, without having to wait for shipping. You will never have to worry about your outdated print guide again, as our online version is updated weekly.

Order your annual subscription now by clicking here.


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Category: Media Guide


4 Responses

  1. Carol Mattar says:

    Is there a print guide? I can’t find a link that works to buy it.

  2. Sarah Burns says:

    Is the 2015 edition of Getting on the air & into print available in print form? Thank you for your help.

  3. Michael Spikes says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I believe that this year, we will be only making the guide available online.

  4. Michael Spikes says:

    Hi Carol,

    I believe that this year, we will only be making the guide available online.