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We’re always excited to see one of the nonprofits we’ve worked with gain recognition for their communications efforts, but it’s even more exciting when that nonprofit is us!

Community Media Workshop is proud to have been awarded the Digital Excellence Pioneer award from The Chicago Digital Access Alliance this year!

From the Alliance:

Your organization has helped all of us who run nonprofits better understand the role of media in advancing the work we do and how to build partnerships with media professionals and organizations that allow the telling of our stories in ways that best advance our missions. Critically, the Community Media Workshop is now leading the way in showing us how to leverage new media and new media tools to distribute information about our activities to a wider audience.

We are so glad to help the Chicago community advance their new media efforts! A great big THANK YOU to The Chicago Digital Access Alliance for recognizing our work!


Workshop president Thom Clark has also recently been in the public eye, as a guest for Heartland Cafe’s radio show and podcast, Live from the Heartland.

Take a look at the video of his appearance below!

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