Summer leaves

Like many nonprofits, the Workshop was built on the backs of hard-working and passionate interns. Today we bid a bittersweet farewell to two such people: Hank Strickler and Grace Wellin.

Grace Wellin (left) & Hank Strickler (right) - the Workshop's Spring / Summer 2012 interns!

THANK YOU, Hank & Grace for your time and your service. Your tireless work updating the media guide this summer has been such a tremendous help! Also, we could not have pulled off the Studs Terkel Community Media Awards or Making Media Connections┬áthis year without you! We’re so glad we had you! Thank you so much, again, & best wishes on all your future endeavors!

Look for the fruits of our interns’ labor this October when the 2013 edition of the Getting on Air, Online & Into Print media guide returns from the printers. Don’t miss it! Make sure you order your copy today!

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