People to Pitch: Scott Davidson, WBPX 1500 AM

Scott Davidson, WBPX-AM/1500 radio

If your communications budget is tight, but you need to reach a large audience about your message or event, consider radio.  Scott Davidson, general manager of WPJX-AM/1500, PSA contact and host of “Rebel Radio,” says using public service announcements (PSAs) allows nonprofits to diversify their message and target niche audiences for free.

When pitching to Davidson or other PSA directors, make an initial contact to learn submission requirements, he says. By email, fax or mail is fine for Davidson, however he says other directors may not offer as many options. Some directors only take calls and/or submissions at certain times, he says.  Plan four to six weeks prior to your event if submitting to WPJX, says Davidson.

He welcomes nonprofits recorded submissions in an MP3 format via email, however he warns recordings should be audible and delivered clearly. Submitted written pieces should be proofread for grammar, read aloud for timing, and jargon-free, says Davidson.

WPJX is connected with WEEF-AM/1430 and WKTA-AM/1330, which are ethnic-orientated. Davidson’s station covers hard rock, but he says his audience is diverse, reaching over 60 communities in the Chicagoland, Western Michigan and Northern Indiana. Nonprofits should contact as many stations as possible to attract publicity for their issues, events and/or stories.

“Even if they don’t go to the event, they are hearing about [your] the issue or your agency,” he says.

More details at WPJX site ( Contact info for Scott Davidson and over 90 PSA directors can be found in the on-sale now 2011 Getting On Air, Online & Into Print ( online resource forum–registration required).

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