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Workshop seeks new vice president

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Congrats to Gordon Mayer, who after five years at the Workshop recently let us know he will be moving on at the end of April to become Operations Director at National People’s Action [2].

Gordon’s contributions to the Workshop have been many. Although he joined us for our 16th year and hung around till we turned 21, Gordon was actually only the second person to work full-time on our communications coaching and training work in the history of the Workshop. His energy and focus on that work, as well as his contributions to our community journalism, advancement of new free and low-cost tools, and his leadership and belief in our mission, will be missed.

We’re also excited about the new opportunities this brings for the Workshop to add new energy to our team. Please note that people who are familiar with the Workshop are encouraged to apply for the position. If you think you could be a good, take a look at the job description here [3]. (no phone calls, please!)