The 2012 Studs Terkel Community Media Awards

Where: Film Row Cinema, 8th Floor, 1104 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 60605 (see map)

When: March 14, 2012, 5-8 p.m.

It’s one of the best parties of the year – a hearty mix of community activists, downtown policy experts, journalists and public relations folks. We will once again honor media professionals who, like Studs Terkel, bring the voices of ordinary people to mainstream attention.

We honor journalists who go the extra mile to report news “from the people who made Chicago, news that’s bottom up rather than up, down,” as Studs said at our 2007 awards event. “That’s what this is all about.”


Past Winners and More About the Awards

View the 2011 Awards Photo Gallery

Mick Dumke
Reporter, Chicago Reader, Mick Dumke has been writing for the Chicago Reader since 2005. His investigative reporting, often with teammate Ben Joravsky (1995 Terkel winner), has helped shine a light on Chicago’s parking meter deal, ineffective gun control laws, government budgeting tricks, and the racially disproportionate impacts of drug policies. “I have ended up writing about power and the use and abuse of power,” Dumke said. Dumke said he admires how Terkel sought justice in his storytelling. “That’s what it’s about for me,” Dumke said. Read More

Maria Hinojosa
Anchor on PBS and Latino USA on National Public Radio, Maria Hinojosa grew up in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood at a time when there were no Latinas like her on television or in radio. Over the last 25 years she has made a mark in the world of broadcast journalism telling the untold stories in the spirit of Studs Terkel. Hinojosa is currently the anchor and managing editor of Latino USA, broadcast on National Public Radio; anchor of the Emmy Award-winning talk show Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One from WGBH/La Plaza; contributing correspondent for Frontline and Need to Knowon PBS, and a weekly King Features Syndicate contributor. She also founded her own media company called the Futuro Media Group in April 2010. The mission of her company is to produce multi-platform, community-based journalism that respects and celebrates the cultural richness of the American Experience. “We have to as journalists not only tell the difficult stories of injustice but all the stories of people who have figured it out and are getting along,” Hinojosa said. Read More

Chip Mitchell
Reporter, WBEZ Chicago Public Media, Chip Mitchell started his journalism career in the late 1980s writing columns for the Daily Cardinal, a student paper at the University of Wisconsin. It was around then that he also first got to hear Studs Terkel, whose daily radio show aired on Madison’s community station, WORT. “He sounded like a regular person who was engaged with the world and who cared about regular people,” Mitchell said. “Studs Terkel, like no one else, found and amplified the voices of people without wealth or political assets – people who had been silenced. His books and broadcasts gave them a voice.”Mitchell went on in 1992 to co-found two daily news shows that have aired ever since on WORT. Twenty years later, his voice is being recognized with the Studs Terkel Award for work at WBEZ, Chicago’s public radio station. Read More

Daniel Castro
Studs Terkel Scholarship WinnerDaniel Castro grew up in Houston, Texas and attended the University of Houston focusing on Media Communication. He transferred his freshmen year to Columbia College Chicago to pursue Television Production.  Exploring an interest in cultural studies, his developing understanding of other societies and people galvanized his interest in documentarian work. Read More

Read more about the Studs Terkel Community Media Awards & view past winners

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