Devin Katayama, 2011 Studs Terkel Scholarship Winner

Devin Katayama is an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago’s Masters in Journalism program. Originally from Northern California, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in English at CUNY Hunter College in New York City. While in New York was a stand-up comic, but quickly discovered he wasn’t that funny. He also came to the decision that it was much more fantastic listening to other people’s stories.

In San Francisco, he worked in law and as an EMT, then moved to Portland, Oregon where he worked as an after-school teacher while volunteering at a radio station. This is where he discovered story telling in sound.

On a hunch he left Oregon and moved to Chicago determined to get the education and inspiration he needed to succeed. While at Columbia he worked at KQED public radio in Northern California and with WBEZ Chicago Public Media’s Worldview program.

He’s currently a freelance reporter/producer and continues to tell sound stories. In the tradition of Studs, he finds comfort and beauty in everyday conversations.