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New media summit takes a new tack

John Patterson headshotIt would be unfair not to report that John Patterson and the Chicago New Media Summit changed their tone slightly and their price radically for the Sept. 15-16 event. Good for him! I meant to say in previous post that I’m sure it’s worthwhile.

From $425 for the conference and $75 for a networking event the first evening, they’ve decided you can go to the 6-10 p.m. Monday party for just 10 bucks! Or attend a single day for $135 or both days and the party for $235. Makes more sense to me.

I have a feeling impresario Patterson, who also directs business development for a local media firm and apparently helped put Austin, Tex. on the map as a hip and happenin’ place, must be wondering why Chicagoans are so fractious (and, maybe, cheap!). But it also sounds like he’s picking up on communications, midwestern style: no bullshit, stress the we, acknowledge conflicts (be transparent), not too flashy.

I remember, growing up, meeting someone who told me that for radio announcers, flat Midwestern voices were always prized over, say, a New York accent. Might it be true for the voice, or tone of communications generally, that this kind of un-hyper Midwestern voice is the most effective or desirable overall no matter where in the country one lives?

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