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New Media Summit, Chicago, Sept. 15-16

“There will be movie stars,” Chicago New Media Summit organizer John Patterson told me this afternoon. They’ll rub shoulders with the glamorati of Chicago’s for-profit social media community at the Museum of Contemporary Art — folks from local biggies 37signals and Threadless, for example, are presenting (and so is Jane Hirt, our new Tribune editor) — for a couple days, building a stronger sense of connection and community among these folks to raise awareness of the city’s capacity to produce state-of-the-art new media.

John invoked several times the model of the Ted Conference (“Ideas Worth Spreading”). Clearly the idea of the New Media Summit is to build some buzz for Chi-media.

One more thing worth knowing about the Summit is that he envisions the event as a launchpad for something more enduring. “You’re going to see a new site emerge” after the Summit, he said; “…something game changing as far as a platform is concerned, a bit like the TED web site with this massive social networking back end that allows people to engage in ways that they just couldn’t otherwise.” The goal:”to invent businesses together and collaborate together and connect in new ways.”

So now ya know. For many in the business community, maybe, $425 a pop is not so bad but for my money this better be good! We were a little late to this party but we figure on probably going to check it out and see if we can find the mobile phone activism campaign trainer we desperately need to round out our winter workshop schedule.

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  1. Tim says:

    Look out for a post-Labor day announcement that will dispel any misgivings you have about getting your money’s worth…

  2. […] to add: Just found this post with a quote from CNMS organizer John […]

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