Laura Washington

Columnist, Chicago Sun-Times; & Political Analyst, ABC 7 Chicago,@MediaDervishview profile

Amisha Patel

Executive Director of Grassroots Collaborative, view profile


Charlene Carruthers, Director of Online Engagement, National People’s Action, @CharleneCac, view profile

Emily Blum, Director of Communications, Heartland Alliance, view profile

Thom Clark, President, Community Media Workshop, @thomnewstips, view profile

Adriana Cardona-Maguigad, Editor, The Gate Newspaper, @nanisc99, view profile

Adriana Diaz, New Media Manager, Community Media Workshop, @adriana9diaz, view profile

Aricka Flowers, Editor-in-Chief, Progress Illinois, view profile

Derek Eder, Co-Founder, Open City, @derekeder, view profile

Chris GansenObama for America Dashboard Tech Lead, @cgansen, view profile

Jeremy Gilbert, Assistant Professor (Media Product Design), Medill School of Journalism, @jeremygilbert , view profile

Amy Guth, Social Media Manager, Chicago Tribune Media Group, @amyguth, view profile

Jane Hanna, Social Media StrategistField Museum@JaneHannaSays, view profile

Joel Handley, Assistant Editor, In These Times, view profile

Andrew Huff, Editor/Publisher, Gapers Block, view profile

Ryan Kolak, Obama for America Narwhal Integration Tech Lead, @RyanK, view profile

Jason Kunesh, Obama for America UI/UX Lead, @jdkunesh, view profile

Nick Leeper, Obama for America Finance Tech Lead, @lucky33, view profile

Emily Lonigro Boylan, Owner & Creative Director, LimeRed Studio, view profile

Martin Macias, Jr., Media Activist/Youth Organizer, Chicago Fair Trade, @MartinMaciasJr

Suzanne McBride, Associate Chair/Journalism, Columbia College Chicago, view profile

Jeff McCarter, Founder & Executive Director, Free Spirit Media, @fsmjeff, view profile

Charlie Meyerson, @Meyerson, view profile

Jill O’Mahony Stewart, DePaul University, view profile

Kathleen Pequeño, Communications Consultant, @kpequeno, view profile

Susy Schultz, Managing Editor, The Daily Journal, view profile

Ethan Spotts, Active Transportation Alliance, view profile

Tony Streit, Education Development Center, Inc., view profile

Eric TellezResearch & Communications Coordinator, Grassroots Collaborative, view profile

Shamus Toomey, Managing Editor, DNAinfo.com Chicago, @stoomey, view profile

Scott VanDenPlas, Obama for America-DevOps Lead, @scottvdp, view profile

Tracy Van Slyke, Co-Director, New Bottom Line, @tracyvs, view profile

Marissa Wasseluk, New Media Associate, Community Media Workshop, @marissapaige,view profile

Kyla Williams, Program Officer, Smart Chicago Collaborative,view profile

Jill WohlCommunications & Development Director, Health & Disabilities Advocates, @jillwohl, view profile

Maria Zamudio, ReporterThe Chicago Reporter, @mizamudio,view profile

Ulises Zatarain, Pilsen Portal, view profile


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