In this insightful conversation between Laura Washington and Amisha Patel, you’ll listen to stories and techniques about how organizing tactics are changing in 21st century urban neighborhoods. You’ll also find answers to pressing questions like, “How are digital tools and social media blending with traditional door-to-door, one-on-one organizing?” and “What communications strategies are campaigns utilizing in a shifting media landscape where there are fewer reporters covering our stories?”

Laura S. Washington, a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times; political analyst for ABC-7 Chicago; and a past recipient of the Workshop’s Studs Terkel Community Media Award; brings more than two decades of experience as a non-profit professional and multi-media journalist.

Amisha Patel is the executive director of the Grassroots Collaborative; which unites eleven membership-based organizations in Illinois in order to create policy change on local and statewide levels. The alliance spans diverse ethnicities and a variety of organizing networks; including low-wage service employees, the homeless, senior citizens, immigrants, peace activists, faith leaders, and residents of poor and working class neighborhoods.