Morning Workshops

Fire Up Your Communications Plan
Session 1 Led by Thom Clark, Community Media Workshop – SESSION IS FULL & NOW CLOSED
Session 2 led by Diana Pando, Community Media Workshop – SESSION IS FULL & NOW CLOSED
This workshop will walk you through the development of a communications plan: establishing goals, target audiences and messages that move people to action, and introducing some of the tools to achieve your communications needs.  Participants will also learn how to incorporate social media tools into a traditional media plan.

Kindling the Power of Social Media
Led by Demetrio Maguigad, Community Media Workshop
You’re using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to tell your organization’s story. Now learn how to be strategic about your social media work. This intermediate social media training will allow attendees to review their social media work and create a plan of action moving forward. Attendees will engage in online communications planning during the training and create a social media policy for their organizations. The trainer will also discuss the importance of content strategy and measuring success.

Blogging Around A Digital Bonfire
Led by Steve Franklin and Marissa Wasseluk, Community Media Workshop
Has your boss or board asked you to start blogging for your organization but you have no idea how or where to start?  Blogs are a great way to connect and create conversation online about your nonprofit or an issue you’re working on.  Learn blogging best practices and what it takes to blog effectively for your organization. This basic blogging workshop will help you learn about launching, writing and publicizing your organization’s blog. (Learn more about Blogging)

Igniting Successful Events For Glowing Audiences
Led by Jill Stewart, DePaul University
Does planning a successful event and getting the word out have you stumped? Whether you’re organizing your first benefit or brushing up on planning your next conference learn how to make event planning and promoting easy.  In this workshop, you will learn to organize your event and communicate your event to your audience by using social media and other tools. The workshop will cover planning concepts, registration and on-site logistics along with how to promote your event using the most effective avenues available to you.  You will also get tips from guest speakers who will share their insights on creating outdoor events including: securing permits, crowd control and keeping your events “green.” (Learn more about Nonprofit Event Planning)

Afternoon Breakouts

Sparking Up Your Video Strategy – SESSION IS FULL & NOW CLOSED
Whether you are thinking of creating video for your organization or have one that’s fizzled, find out how nonprofits and media outlets are using video and creating strategies to engage audiences and raise awareness. Panelists: Jelene Britten (Ounce of Prevention), Adriana Cardona (The Gate Newspaper), Michael Hoffman (See3), Moderator: Jill Wohl, Health and Disability Advocates. 

Meeting Around The Metro News Camp Fire
Metro editors and reporters share their insights into who’s covering the city and the region, the stories they’re looking for and how best to contact them.  Cate Cahan (WBEZ), Madeleine Doubek (Daily Herald), David Schaliol (Gapers Block), Deidra White (CBS-2) Moderator: Queta Bauer (Cultural Communications)

Engaging Audiences With Blazing Social Media Tactics – SESSION IS FULL & NOW CLOSED
Are you trying to figure out how to engage your audience online but have no idea where to begin? Grow your online presence and create conversations by effectively using social media tactics that will help you raise the profile of your organization, increase attendance at events and raise money. Find out what you can do to engage your audience and move them to action.  Panelists will also discuss how to integrate social media into your overall communications strategy. Kristi Sanford (Just Harvest), Chad Mertz (Chicago Children’s Museum) and Edgar Pineda (Latinos Progresando).  Moderator: Jonathan Eyler-Werve

Sizzling Headlines/Subject Line Writing To Get Them To Open Your Emails
Do you struggle to create email subject lines that get your emails opened? Whether you are creating an email subject line or press release headline you are competing for people’s attention. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and get more people to open your email notice your press releases. In this hands on mini-presentation, learn the art of headline and subject line writing. Thom Clark (Community Media Workshop).

Fueling the Flames of Mobile Apps 
As people switch to smart phones, mobile apps and mobile sites become important tools to consider. This panel will review the opportunities and challenges of creating a mobile app.  Case study MiParque, a mobile application giving the Little Village community access to the planning process of  transforming a 23-acre plot into a community park. Pallavi Anderson (Motorola Solutions), Kim Wasserman (Little Village Environmental Justice Organization), Mindy Faber (Columbia College), Moderator: Yesenia Sotelo (SmartCause Digital). (Learn more about Nonprofits and Mobile Apps)

Searing Search Engine Optimization
Want to increase website traffic to your organization? Learn how search engine optimization can raise the profile of your organization’s website. In this session, you will learn about the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search (SEM) as well as basic strategies and tactics.  You will walk away understanding: How search engines function including ranking specifics, basic tips and tricks, how to code your website accordingly, how to establish paid search campaigns, how to evaluate analytics, and how to optimize your search campaigns. Led by Jen Brady, Fred & Associates Inc. (Learn more about Organic SEO)

Lighting the Embers of Online News – SESSION IS FULL & NOW CLOSED
Declining ad revenue and budget crunches have caused traditional newsrooms to cut staff or close altogether. As traditional news shrinks, online news in Chicago is growing. Hear from online news site editors and writers about best practices to connect with online news sites and get your story on their site. Samantha Abernathy (Chicagoist), Casey Cora (Patch Oak Park), Aricka Flowers (Progress IL) Abraham Velasquez (Gozamos), Moderator: Mandy Burrell Booth (Metropolitan Planning Council)

Don’t Combust When Things Go Wrong, Communicate Instead – SESSION IS FULL & NOW CLOSED
Sometimes bad news happens and misinformation can spread quickly. While no one wants to break bad news not doing so can cost your organization’s credibility.  Find out the challenges and opportunities of communicating when things go wrong with internal and external audiences. Panelists: John Capecci (Cappeci Communications), Mike Truppa (Mike Truppa Communications), Mark Tisdahl, Moderator: TBA




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