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Wednesday Morning Workshop Sessions
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Who’s a Journalist Now? Round Table Discussion

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Wednesday June 9, 2010
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Half-day workshops are $110.00.

Workshops – REGISTER NOW

Wednesday Morning Workshop Sessions 9 a.m. to noon

Non-profit and government spokespersons are frequently asked to share information, discuss a policy or defend a controversial decision. This workshop will demonstrate strategies that spokespersons can take right now (before reporters call) and during future interviews that will keep them in control and out of trouble, and help them successfully deliver their messages. Note: Cost of this workshop is $120

Led by Steve Mongelluzzo


Strategies will be presented that have proven to be successful in raising the profile of local Chicago community-based organizations. We will then work with participants to assist them in developing a positioning plan for their organization and/or issue that will use communications as a strategic tool for raising awareness, building strategic partnerships, leveraging resources, and creating an effective communications platform to build power.

Led by Laurie Glenn


WINNING ONLINE We’ve assembled the best instructors to present the practical knowledge you need now to lead your organization’s social media for better fundraising, communications, and program work. This session will include:

This session is designed to provide news you can use for nonprofit communicators still evaluating whether social media is for your organization as well as for who have already invested in new approaches but have specific questions, from how to line up colleagues to produce content on deadline to suggestions for branding guidelines to inform your content. REGISTER NOW

Wednesday Afternoon Workshop Sessions 1 to 4 p.m.

Half-day workshops are $110.00.

CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS When a crisis strikes your organization will you know how to respond to the media, your audience and employees? Learn to identify organizational strengths and weakness that will surface during a crisis and learn to maximize your ability to communicate effectively – before a crisis happens.
Led by Roger Kerson


ONLINE MARKETING IN-DEPTH Gain valuable insights on the strategies and tools that you’ll need to engage website visitors and turn them into supporters of your mission by learning about SEO, Web Analytics and setting branding guidelines  to inform website/social media content.
Led by Keidra Chaney & Emily Lonigro


Bring your website questions, concerns, success stories and roadblocks! In this session time will be devoted to attendee website questions on broad topics with ample time for questions on picking the best cms/crm, best practices for website project management and getting support from your senior leaders.
Led by Yesenia Sotelo


Wednesday Full-Day Workshop Sessions 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Cost $220.00.

Learn how to determine which story to tell, what equipment can you use on your own, and how to set up a shot and get good sound. This hands on class also teaches you the basics and strategizing around making a video from start to finish. (12 people max)
Led by Stacy Laiderman


Organizers and activists can participate in an intensive full-day training designed to teach you how to create a strategic communication plan, use organizational values to craft strong messages and spokesperson training.

Led by Thom Clark


Want to learn to tell captivating stories about your organization that will move people to action? Back by popular demand Award-winning storyteller Sue O’Halloran shows you the secrets of successful storytelling. Whether you are pitching traditional media or fundraising online you will still need to tell your organization’s story. Learn how to harness the power of story to move audiences to action. Read More
Led by Susan O’Halloran


Thursday June 10, 2010Cost $220.
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Panel Discussions – REGISTER NOW

Advocacy, Coalition, Message When organizations band together around common issues, how do we make sure our messages are clear? Panelists: Gary Arnold (Access Living), Erica Hade (IL Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights), Sessy Nyman (Responsible Budget Coalition). Moderated by Valerie Denney (Denney Communications)

Brand Identity Does your brand stand out in crowd? Find out how website design and traditional branding can elevate and strengthen your organizations brand. Panelist include: Tim Frick (Mighty Bytes), Mayram Arai (Luna Negra Dance Theatre), Chris Beebe (The Visionary Agency) Moderator: Emily Lonigro (LimeRed Studios)

Broadcasting: What’s new, what’s not TV remains prime news source for most Americans–panelists talk about how we can connect with them using sound and pictures to engage audiences. Panelists: Shawn Campbell (Chicago Independent Radio Project) Judie Garcia (WGN News) Mark Saxenmeyer (WFLD-TV Fox Chicago) more panelists TBA moderator: Raschanda Hall (Business Wire)

Building And Maintaining Online Communities Facebook does it; Ning does it for a fee. These and other platforms create social networks to help like-minded folks find each other and collaborate. Should your group have a community of its own? Panelists: Becca Martin (Live Here Oak Park) Jaime Guzman (Pilsen Portal) Barbara Koenen (Chicago Artist Resource) Mary C. Johns (We The People Media) Moderator: Lehia Franklin Acox

Connecting With Global Chicago Media Meet movers and shakers of this new wave of media and learn how these outlets can help you tap key audiences. Panelists: Tarik Khawaja (Urdu Times), Glen Reedus (South Suburban News), Vicente de la Cruz (La Raza Newspaper) and Mariano Santos (Filipino American News Service). Moderator: Steve Franklin (Community Media Workshop)

From Newsletter To Newspaper Learn how and why growing numbers of community-based organizations choose to become news providers for their communities and how to decide whether to invest resources in such a project. Panelists: Adriana Cardona (Back Of The Yards Neighborhood Council) Mike Fourcher (Center Square Journal), Doug Knuth, Southeast Chicago Development Commission, Moderator: Diana Pando (Community Media Workshop)

Journalists As Advocates Meet editorial board members and other journalists who make things happen by expressing their opinions in writing. Panelists: Kate Grossman (Chicago Sun-Times), Lou Ransom (Chicago Defender), Avani Patel (Chicago Tribune) Moderator: Kevin Lampe (Kurth Lampe)

Metro News
Metro editors share their insights into who’s covering the city and the region and the stories they are looking for. Panelists: Cate Cahan (Chicago Public Radio WBEZ) Fernando Diaz (Hoy Chicago), Patrick Curry (WGN News) Moderator: Valerie Denney (Denney Communications)

The Other Side Of The Desk: Journalists At Nonprofits
Former journalists share insights they brought with them from the newsroom to work in nonprofit communications as well as thoughts on how they have adapted. Panelists: Johnathon Briggs (AIDS Foundation of Chicago) Christopher Boyce (Instituto del Progreso Latino) Hanke Gratteau (Ounce of Prevention Fund), Fuzz Hogan (Advance IL) Moderator: Tracy English (English Communications Inc.)

Pitching Blogs
Whether or not they are wearing bathrobes and slippers and padding around their homes is beside the point; they probably want to be treated like any journalist you may pitch. Get the specifics from some of Chicago’s most prominent bloggers and online news editors. Panelists: Marcus Gilmer (Chicagoist), Megan Cottrell (True Slant), Charles Mombo (Chocolate City), Monroe Anderson. Moderator: Dana Bright, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

Pitching Freelance Journalists
With the changing media landscape there are more freelance journalists looking for stories. Find out how to connect with freelance journalists and how your nonprofit can be a resource for story ideas. Panelists: Sharon Strangenes, Keri Lyderson, Suzanne Cosgrove Moderator: Karen Kring (Association of Women Journalists)

To Raise Money, Communicate Fundraising and communications can both be more effective for your organization if they are aligned into an integrated, overarching strategy. Panelists: Alexander Pope (Alex Pope, Advocate Health Care and Association of Fundraising Professionals) Celeste Wroblewski (Donors Forum) Barbara Talisman (Talisman Associates) Moderator: Emily Culbertson

Sharing Data
How can nonprofits and government use their own and others’ research and information to collaborate and raise awareness of social issues and their solutions? Panelists: Justin Massa (MoveSmart.org), Stephanie Burke (Chicago Art Magazine), Joe Geramusko (Chicago Tribune) and Gabi Fitz (Issue Lab)  Moderator: Kristine Williams

Social Media Policy Who does what online for your organization? What happens if someone slams your group online or something else goes wrong? A social media policy is a plan for your online presence—learn more here. Panelists: Barbara Iverson (Chicago Talks) Mandy Burrell Booth (Metropolitan Planning Council) David Donoghue (Chicago IP Litigation Blog). Moderator: Demetrio Maguigad (Community Media Workshop)

Story And Strategy In A Digital Age We all know telling your organization’s story is important; now find out how to effectively combine story and strategy online to move people to action. Panelists: Deanna Zandt (Media Technologist) , Adam Thurman (Mission Paradox/Court Theatre) Michael Hoffman (See3). Moderator: Yesenia Sotelo (Heartland Alliance For Human Needs & Human Rights)

Story Banking It’s 5 p.m., the phone rings, and it’s a reporter on deadline. Do you know where your stories are? Plan ahead by finding great stories about your group or impact and use the stories to tell your story online or to respond to journalists’ queries. Panelists: Maude Carroll (AIDS Foundation of Chicago) Suzanne Franklin (Jewish Child and Family Services), Tuyet Le (Asian American Institute), Kathleen Duffy (Campaign For Better Health Care) Moderator: Rebeccah Sanders (Chicago Cultural Alliance)

Telling Stories In The News “Narrative journalism” is the art of using great stories to engage audiences; learn from these reporters how nonprofits can improve their story pitches to make the news. Panelists: Dave Hoekstra (Chicago Sun-Times), Chip Mitchell (Chicago Public Radio – WBEZ), Dawn Reiss (Freelance Journalist), Moderator: Thom Clark (Community Media Workshop)

Why We Love Twitter And You Should Too! Hear from Twitter experts on Twitter best practices for nonprofit organizations and how you can leverage Twitter to communicate to existing and new audiences. Panelists: Heidi Massey, Cassandra West (New Media Access) Kara Carrell (New Media Navigator), Kyra Kyles (Red Eye) Moderator: Maura Wall Hernandez, Cafe Media


Making Media Connections Roundtable Discussion – Free and open to the public

The Chicago Community Trust’s Community News Matters initiative and Community Media Workshop invite you to a roundtable discussion from 3 to 5 p.m. June 10th at Columbia College’s Film Row Cinema, 8th Floor, 1104 South Wabash, Chicago.

We’re all creating and reporting news and stories for and about our communities, our region, and beyond. But the more common online news technologies become, the clearer it gets that you can deliver news without doing journalism. Join us for a public forum to help frame a new set of questions for the coming year around journalism, technology, new business models and the people helping to shape a new path for Chicago’s information society.

Who’s creating and reporting news and stories for and about our communities, our region, and beyond? Are online outlets supplementing or supplanting daily newspapers or television networks in delivering news? Join us for a public forum to discover the latest in the changing media landscape:

  • Who really is a journalist now, anyway?
  • How has the explosion in online news shifted the types of news we produce?
  • How is the information ecosystem shifting away from traditional media outlets?
  • What do these changes mean for our neighborhoods?
  • Are we getting the news we need to make better decisions than before?

The forum will also feature a brief report out on the results of the Workshop’s second annual online news survey.

Concurrent Breakouts
The Business: As news reporting moves online publishers and writers face the same issue as traditional media; How do we raise revenue to pay for content? Some new news outlets are starting to make money and while others are still discovering what the new business model might be.  Panelists: Steve Rhodes (Beachwood Reporter), Rich Gordon (Northwestern University), Dave Greising (Chi News Co-Op), Sherry Skalko (Online News Association) Moderator: Toure Mohammed (Beansoup Times) Scribe: Gordon Mayer (National People’s Action Network)

Influential Voices: Bloggers have become new publishers as they post content and build audiences.  How do online writers find audiences? How does news happen with these new outlets?  Panelists: Veronica Arreola (Viva  La Feminista), Andrew Huff (GapersBlock), Charles Mombo (Chocolate City), Teresa Puente (Chicanisima) Moderator: Steve Franklin (Community Media Workshop) Scribe: Barbara Iverson (Chicago Talks)

Platforms & Tech: The shifting media landscape has not only blurred the lines between professional journalists, bloggers and citizen journalists but is also being shaped by new forms of technology that go beyond the printing press and network television.  Panelists: Tracy Schmidt (ChicagoNow), Brad Flora (Windy Citizen), Ernest Sanders (Chicago Digital Cities), Justin Kaufman (Chicago Public Media), Moderator: Dan Sinker (Columbia College Chicago) Scribe: Justin Massa (Metro Chicago Information Center)

The Locals/Communities: One characteristic of the online news environment are geo sites that focus on specific communities. Hear about several neighborhood specific news and information outlets.  Panelists: Suzanne McBride(Austin Talks), Glenn Reedus (S.Suburban Publishing), Lorraine Swanson (Lake Effect News) Moderator: Tony Olivia (Chicago Tribune) Scribe: Ann Marie Mitchell (Journalist)

4:45    Recap in the big room

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