The NEW 2014 Chicago Media Guide Delivers this Fall!

2014 Chicago Media Guide

Do you have a story you’d like to see on TV, hear on the radio, featured on a blog or newspaper?

We produce the Chicago Media Guide because we believe every good story deserves attention.

Find out who to pitch and how, and more tips on improving your communications!

The print edition of the 2014 Getting On Air, Online & Into Print Chicago media guide will be available this fall!

ORDER YOUR GUIDE NOW & be the first to be in the know about the Chicago media landscape!

Save on Making Media Connections

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Take advantage of or buddy-rate. If you’re attending Making Media Connections, bring a buddy/co-worker and they’ll save 50% on their registration, $124.50 instead of $249.

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Using the Online Media Guide

Many organizations have “gone green” by going digital with their communications. The online version of the Getting On Air, Online & Into Print media guide is easy to use and updated weekly!

Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of how you can simply and quickly create your media list online!

This quick tutorial video will walk you through using our basic search function of our media guide. More how-to videos can be found at

Not yet an online user? Click here to start a FREE account and start searching media contacts today!






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