We Are Not Alone/ No Estamos Solos : a Campaign Against Violence in Chicago

No Estamos Solos

Community Media Workshop and the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council are calling on community neighborhood organizations and residents to participate in a press event and inform the media about different initiatives spearheaded to combat violence.

How you can help:

1. Attend the press conference event November 10, 9:30 a.m. in the Back of the Yards Community, at Saint Michael’s Gym located at 1986 W. 48th St. In the corner of 48th and Winchester. For more information on this event, click here.

2. Do you know someone who stood up to violence in his or her community? Tell us about a project, person, or organization whose story we can tell. Send your suggestions to Stephen Franklin at steve@newstips.org.

Learn more about We Are Not Alone / No Estamos Solos – visit the Chicago is the World blog or the campaign Facebook page.

We Are Not Alone/ No Estamos Solos:
A campaign to empower residents • To help communities break the fear• To report on positive initiatives happening in the city • To commit to running an article, an interview, or a PSA, in November • To inspire different neighborhoods (residents) in Chicago to come together and participate in existing efforts or to create their own.

No Estamos Solos / We Are Not Alone :
Una campaña para empoderar a residentes • Para ayudar a comunidades a romper el miedo • Para compartir iniciativas positivas que suceden en la ciudad • Para comprometernos a crear artículos, entrevistas, o PSA’s en Noviembre • Para inspirar a diversas vecindades (residentes) en Chicago que se junten y participen en esfuerzos existentes o creen sus propios iniciativas.

For more information about this effort contact Adriana Cardona 773-523-4416 or Stephen Franklin, ethnic news media project director for the Community Media Workshop: steve@newstips.org or 312-369-7782.

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